Thanks bhouston and richard.


I've been working on my second Inmoov off and on for many months now. I'm taking my time as my last Inmoov was build in a hurry and after retrofitting my first inmoov with bhouston's articulating stomach, I forgot the latch down its stomach and he fell and hit the ground and broke many many parts, lol. Plus the first inmoov had too many components that were really not functioning Well.

So my second inmoov I'm gonna follow the kiss rule and take my time testing everything many times before putting it together .

It's left hand i'm still working on I'm trying the flexy-hand but still working on it so it's not in the picture.

Oh, forgot I got my replacement ezb camera the other day and got it back in the head.

Anyway just an update.

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Your robot is looking great, sounds like you have a plan, and it is moving forward.
Thanks for sharing an update.
Steve S


Thanks Steve s. It's going to be a few more months before I start writing the scripts.


Just a few neck head movement using Drupp's modified paroloma nech. I found if you don't bring the neck to center is can look up the neck joints.


A few more pictures. I would like to find a good nerf launcher to put on the small paroloma neck on Inmoov's shoulder.

I broke the left front chest when I install the microphone, someday I will fix it. I was going to sand, sand and do more sanding but I wanted it to look natural as it comes out of the 3-D printer to show that you don't really have to do any work after he gets done printing .

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Awesome Inmoov build, Great job. I see yours does not have the opening for the Kinects. I do not plan to use a Kinects in my build but have been unable to find that substitute part. Can you point me in the right direction to locate that part and or parts?

Thank you
Richard Z


Thanks edited***ezb, ***. This should have said, thanks RZ but my auto correct changed it .

I used this to fill in the Kinect.

There are a lot of Derivatives for Inmoov from Gael's web site.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike,
That link shows lots more then just searching Inmoov on thingiverse.

Looking thru it all now. Hoping to find an ezb camera mount for the eye.

Thanks again.

Will post some pictures when I get a little farther along on my build.

Richard Z


@RZ, I never found a ezb camera mount for the eyes. I had to us a dremel and modified it for the cameras to fit I believe Houston also did this.