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Hello everyone, long time member/fan of the EZ-Robot, just been admiring in the shadow. During the thanksgiving break had a few hours downtime so finally decided to complete ( will never be complete) my long time project of converting an R/C truck to an EZ-robot truck. Now that the IoTiny have been release to the general public, figure it will be a great platform for it. I am using a regular EZ-B v4/1 for now until the loTiny are back in stock.

I Removed and replaced the rear motor with a bigger motor /tire combo, kept original steering wheel motor ( not a servo).

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Android app currently using an Asus Zenphone 2 which have a 5.5" screen real estate. The movements button are all scripted to tailor the the custom R/C steering platform.

script for steering control is nothing fancy ex:
# Enter the ON/OFF for the second HBridge to move
# the direction for this script.

PWM(d0, 35)
PWM(d1, 100)
Set(d2, off)
Set(d3, on)
Set(d4, off)
Set(d5, on)
Sleep( 1500)
Release (d5)

Parts List

Salvage New Bright R/C truck
3X ultrasonic sensor (HC - SR04)
H-bridge controller (L298N)
Voltage Regulator (LM2596)
Red led for rear
White led (front)
1x Micro servo (Y-axis)
1x Standard Servo (X-axis)
Several servo extension cable
7.2 V 5300mAh lipo battery
4-in-1 Orientation Sensor

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Preparing myself financially to move to a bigger platform like XL-Robot Lexi 3 to 4.5 ft tall.


Cool to see it finally finished! I have the same battery, but have noticed a poor life on it. Have you seen similar?


Terrible performance, usually last about 6 minutes.


That's pretty cool !


Good to know! I guess I wont be buying from there anymore! I think its the charger that comes with it that screws the battery up.


Looks great! And good to see you back on the forum!


wow. This is cool.. would you be willing to share the project as I love your Mobile builder interface and would like to use it and look at the setup and such inside EZ-Builder. Thanks!


Hi there, the project is in the cloud mark as incomplete, feel free to use whatever part you like .



Really awesome...thanks a bunch...


Awesome truck I have a very large RC hummer that want to try this with,thinking about using the sabertooth controller that also has rc.Great that you shared your project details here,thanks!