What impresses me the most is at the same time you managed to boost the torque rating more than 25% (15kg/cm to 19kg/cm I believe) from the old servos. These new HDD servos are freakishly strong! How strong you ask? Get this... the Giant scale Hitec HS-805bb (the ones used in inMoov) produce about 24kg/cm. Now compared that to ez robot's standard HDDs at 19kg/cm... For the price, reliability and power the new ez robot HDD servo is the best bang for the buck hands down...


Your robot has a remarkable look that screams wow!
I also watched the new HDD video, and have to say that is a great achievement.
Some applications are very demanding for servos, and now we have an option for those applications.
Steve S Winky Winky


Oh bro that intro just swept me with memories, i have an idea what your video is going to be like once its 100% completed.. *cool* *cool*

Seeing him standing there powered on was awesome well done.

Can't wait to see your Voltron up and running. *cool* *cool*