Here's a close up pic of Voltron in all his glory

User-inserted image

And Here's a more recent picture of him and I (in an easier to look at orientation) Grin

User-inserted image

*edit: arggggg I hate the iPhone default orientation


Very nice looking Robot Jer, grate work man!


Fantastic work, well done and very inspiring!

I recently bought a toy to do the same to and make it come alive, do you have any video of Voltron in action?


Thanks @NEWAGETOMY I do have a video, I just have to change the music on it as it will likely get flagged by Youtube.


That would be great Jeremie Grin


I finally had a chance to change the music on that video and upload it Smile

You'll notice that Voltron is running with HD servos, my plan is to upgrade him to HDD servos so that he can walk much better Winky


@Jeremie I saw the video of you and DJ this morning demo'ing the new HDD servos... If I haven't said it before, fantastic job on them... Love the boxes of iterations you went through... I see a big Christmas bonus coming for you this year... Smile


Thanks @Richard I really appreciate that my friend!

It was definitely a long and iterative process. We had to break some long standing paradigms in the servo industry to make it happen, but we did it!


Absolutely love it! Great job Jeremie!


Thank you very much Will, I've got nothing on you though!