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Hey Dave,

Glenn is besides himself,,,, and here, and there, and over there.....

Poor Glenn


Hi Josh,

How is Glenn doing ?
I am looking forward to your updates. I plan on getting one soon, maybe Santa will surprise me.
If you do a full lobotomy, would you consider selling his brain ?
Contact me @


Poor Glenn


Sure I suppose I could sell the brain if you would like. what would you want it for by the way? Today is my friday. I am off the next two days. I plan to fully remove the various electronics from glen and see what I can do with my L298n and ezb mini ect.


I was thinking about using it as a sequencer. If I find a plc I have stashed away at the old shop, I won't need it and will probably pass on it. I also have 3 IoTinys on order, and if I don't get them or the plc in time I may want it for controlling a Christmas display I am working on with a friend of mine. It is a full size mockup of Clark's cousin Eddy's RV. We may have some animation where Cousin Eddy is emptying the Sh**88r. I will let you know by the end of the week.

Looking forward to your progress on Glenn.

Poor Glenn !