Iotiny Recon 6.0 Rovers , Educational Robots


Thanks for the pics.

I was curious how they counted the distance moved. I think I see a disc with a sensor?

Is "Glenn" getting a total Lobotomy? Will you keep the drive? and misc. lights and speaker?

just curious?

Have fun!




My initial impression on the gearbox was mixed. There appears to be two versions of this robot, the first version appears to be faster while the second is slower. The purpose for the slower box was for accuracy. there is also a calibration option to make 90 degree turns accurate and drive straight.

My goal here was CHEAP and durable! I can see it would be pretty easy to pull the gear off the axle and put it on a continuous servo so that you would not need to use an L298n H Brdige driver. For me a h bridge is cheaper, about 3 bucks. Continuous servos are going to be nearly twice as fast as this gearbox but around 25-30 bucks. I keep telling myself ( lower cost josh!)


Will you try to keep the feedback sensor? and incorporate it into your nav. script?


Yeah, because of your application for educational use they need to be cost effective and repairable.


Built in encoders:

Hey , it does have a basic encoder. I likely will leave that out of the mix because it makes the concept of programming more difficult for a beginner. ( even more difficult for a regular user) However I will not remove them in case they are useful later, they really are not in the way of anything.


Thanks for the added info. I will watch for your future posts.

I hope to have one soon.

I have 2 continuous servos, so I will need to see if I will be able to incorporate the encoder with them, if I don't go with your H bridge idea (which I also have 2 of which I can steal from an old project).


Have fun!


So I am considering making the head move , it would make it more fragile but would add visual tracking capabilities. I imagine that would be more appealing. What do you think? Leave the original neck and just put a cam in or animate the head with some small servos?


Oh my. Poor Glen. *tired*


Nevermind, I guess I answered my own question... Fragile lol


A new neck of pipe ( 3/4 inch schedule 80 will do it) lol or tubing & a mini servo on the base to turn l or r.... Still fragile....The neck is fragile looking now. You will need to strengthen it anyway. A moveable neck would look cool.

How about a camera and an ultrasonic on a servo where the touch pad is / was ? 3D print a housing to make a safe enclosure? (keeps out fingers.) ?

Have fun!