Release 2016.11.08.00



- Fix for IoTiny and EZ-B v4.x/2 Firmware Update application

- Communication overflow protection on analog mobile joystick controls for EZ-B's with Comm 1

- Update robot example apps (JD, Six, Roli, AdventureBot) to include new analog joystick mobile control

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As always thanks.... and speaking of the ioTiny? Hmmmm, er when? You're killing me here.... Smile


We had a bug that was holding back release of it - hence this update. I'm having it online tonight


For the ioTiny and more... Thanks! @DJ... Quick question... Does this batch of ioTinys still need their firmware upgraded when we get them? Or was that the "bug" you were referring to that you just fixed?

*New EZ-Script command: MAP() * I missed this from the other day... This will be a very useful script command.... especially for taking in something like analog reads from a pot and then "mapping" them to servo positions... Nice Smile


The first batch needs firmware upgrade.


Thanks.... see my last reply I added something.... Smile


Thanks DJ to you and your people for working so hard to provide us with this new and awesome little giant. We are very fortunate to have such talented and driven people like you and your staff dreaming up and providing these amazing gadgets. Congrats on the roll out of your recent new products. I can not wait to receive my new toys.


Thanks for the kind words Grin


I am a new reseller in California.
I agree you guys are amazing


Thanks for the kind words, Melvin Smile