Dslr Camera Trigger


Hi! This is my first post here!

I have built a robot before using the arduino, but now really want to make something useful. As you can see in the video, my last robot didn't really do much, it was just REALLY big!

Video here

So I am going to try an make a DSLR 360 robotic panorama head, controlled by a smartphone.

The robotics part, I am pretty sure is more than possible with ezrobots hardware / software. But would it be possible to trigger a Nikon d750 with the EZ-B v4/2?


EDIT: The final thing is pretty much done! See the videos of it working below.

And here is the mobile phone app interface.

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Do you have any specifications on what is required to trigger the camera? I see from some searching that it can use an IR or cable release, but we would need to know what the cable does. If it is simply closing a switch, should be pretty easy to do with an EZ-B digital port and probably a transistor. If it is more complex, then so would be the solution.

The EZ-B can't directly do IR, but there are probably solutions for this too (A robot gripper holding an IR remote control aimed at the camera is a down and dirty way to do it. Crude, but effective).



Mostly the button is a simple switch - which you could do with a solidstate relay. It would be pretty easy to create the whole thing!

EZ-Robot's video guy made a pretty neat rig for time lapse, but he used a go-pro



So I could actually make it refocus first too by using two relays. By the looks of it anyway. I found someone made one for a Canon. The jack is a simple stereo jack and the same in the Nikon.

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So there are enough pins on the EZ-B v4/2 to do this. Perfect.

Many thanks! I really appreciate the quick responses!


For greater control and to have 360 degree capabilities, I am thinking of using something like this for the pan motor. What do you think? Compatible with ezrobot hardware?



Here is how they would suggest you connect it to the Arduino. So would it work with the EZ-B v4/2? If so, what are the equivalent pins to the ones shown on their website?

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Hey, no double posting threads Grin tsk tsk

Yeah those servos will work. They have serial or i2c connectivity. So you can choose either one or the other. In practice, the serial/uart is much easier to work with. Use the SendSerial() EZ-Script command and voila! Grin

Just have to take a look at the manual to see what the commands are to move the servo.


Oh, according to: http://www.01mechatronics.com/support/gettingstarted/testarduino

They say...


3.4 Connections legacy RC interface

The connections needed for legacy RC interface are illustrated below. Note that according to 01TM Supermodified firmware, standard PPM pulses can be interpreted in different manner, allowing e.g. for speed instead of position control. Also the angular range can be manipulated with different firmware. Please let us know your requirements and a custom firmware will be available as soon as you ask.

So that will be the easiest! Simply get the servo and ask for it to receive standard RC/PWM between 1-360 degrees. Voila Grin

Although you can use the servo that Jamie Young uses with his BB8. It's called a Winch Servo and that is easier to find.


This winch servo has 1260 degree rotation! That's awesome: http://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/hitec-hs785hb-servo-motor.html

And here is another winch servo that is cheaper: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/sail-winch-servo-13kg-0-7sec-360deg-55g.html

That's what you need Grin


Ok cool, thanks. That's really good to hear.

Sorry about the double post. I am the new guy haha Tongue

Anyway.. I plan on attaching the magnetic sensor (pot replacement) on the turntable itself rather than in the servo.. I can get more of a direct reading then. Not sure it this is a good idea or not.

I will have to add gears for the pitch and yaw mechanisms as the camera and lens are about 1kg. The load will be about 5cm from the fulcrum for the pitch. My RDS3115MG servos I will modify, have 17kg/cm @ 7.2v. I figure, if I gear it by 6x, I should have enough torque and be safe not to overload it.. It will hopefully hold in position nicely too. It will be a lot slower though.