Script To Shut Down My Pc


Hello forum..!

May i ask if it is possible to create a Script that can shut down my PC when the voltage goes less than 4,5V?



The following script command will immediately shutdown the computer, forcing the shutdown even if there are running applications or other logged on users:


exec("shutdown.exe", "/p /f")

replace the /p with /s if you want 1 minute of warning, and if you want to abort the shutdown during the warning period, open a command prompt and type


shutdown /a

Keep in mind that any unsaved work will be lost, so use with caution. If you want to be sure not to lose any work, instead of /s or /p you can use /h and it will hibernate the computer instead of shutting it down.



Here's to expand on alan's command. Create an EZ-Script control that will run and check in a loop...



# if voltage is less than 4.5 and the ez-b is connected
IF (getVoltage() < 4.5 and isConnected(0))

say("Shutting computer down in one minute")

exec("shutdown.exe", "/s /f")


# check every minute
sleep(60 * 1000)


Have the ez-script control automatically start when the ez-b is connected in the SETTINGS menu of the connection control. Assuming your named your script "POWER CHECK"


ControlCommand("Power Check", ScriptStart)


Good Morning & thanks for the reply Alan and DJ SuresSmile

i forgot to write that i use the EZ-B V3 Controller!

it is very helpful for my project.

i am going to test it !


the v3 controller will not work with GetVoltage().

You will have to connect the +5 on the ADC port and use GetADC() instead. Simply add a jumper on ADC0 between the +5 and Signal


ok Dj .. and code still the same.

thanks again.


No, the code would have to change from using getvoltage to adc. Because there is no voltage monitor on the v3. You can rig one of the adc ports to the +5 using a jumper to get the voltage.


@sakis33 do you want to monitor your "PC's" voltage or the robot's voltage on the EZB? I think the examples provide so far are how to monitor and react to if the EZB voltage is low.


Hello again Dj,

something like that code:


if (GetADC( adc0 ) <4.5 and IsConnected( 0 ) )

Say(" shutting computer in one minute " )

Exec( "shutdown.exe", "/s/f" )


Sleep(60*1000 )

Goto (loop)


Hi justin..,

as i write i want to create a Script that can shut down my PC when the voltage goes less than 4,5V?

i use V3 controller with a pc board. i want to know robot's voltage .