Ezb V4/2


What are the improvements of this over the v4?

I didn't see anything pointing that out on the products page


The improvements will be listed on the upgrade page - stay tuned

There will be an upgrade option product for existing users - it'll be online this week.


Oh Boy, Really! This week? Ya!

Will the Mini EZB (sorry cant think of it's real name.) be available soon also?



I think DJ said it would be a couple more weeks for the IOTiny to make it into the store.


A small quantity IoTiny's will be available for purchase end of this week or early next week


Dibs on the IoTiny's LOL.... I'll even pay double for them (real money not my store credit).... Smile

***Edit***... I need 3 asap for my new inMoov project....


I need one IoTiny's ASAP for my project so i can move on. I'll be watching the store and for any mention of them being available hourly till then. I won't bribe with more money but I will pay cash and not store credit.


I'll write a post to let you know when they're ready Grin

The first batch is a smaller quantity and the second batch (a few weeks out) will be a much larger quantity. I don't expect the initial launch to sell very many because there hasn't been any promotion around it yet.


Any idea when this week the /2 comm boards will be available to order?


Will the USB adapters be available when the /2 comm boards are available? I need 3 comm boards and 2 adapters (and maybe a tiny).