Hobbyking.com Is Selling Ezb V4


@DJ.... Thank you... We appreciated you getting these new products out the door.... As with Allan, I too plan on buying many of the new products (after my store credit is gone I will be happy to spend much more than that on my Mastercard)....

Again thanks


I wonder who decides their prices? They are selling the EZB-4 for $80 and the camera for $60. Yet you can get the developer kit, which includes an EZB-4 and a bare bones camera for $8 more than the EZB-4 itself. Not to mention the servos, and ultrasonic sensor. Gee, I wonder which I would buy?


I just purchased 7 EZ-B developer kits from them. They are $79 US each umm all I really wanted was a dozen servos but I figured for that price .... (not sure if it was a mistake but heh ) They have tons left in stock.



That's a serious price reduction. I bet it's old stock with the old servos.


Oh no please Don't tell me that Dave :-( now I look at the pictures the continues 360 servo's have white (looks like plastic gear) not the metal gear on the ones I have now. Is there a way to tell if they are old or new stock when they arrive.


I am quite certain it's stock of previous hardware (HD servos, not HDD) - and i believe they may be ez-b v4.x/1 (not the latest ez-b hardware).


thanks DJ I was going to donate several to my kids school (he is 13 - perfect age). I will try and come up with a couple of cool projects to build with a 3D printer and a development kit.


I bought the developer kit last week, can confirm their the V4 with the HDD servos.

Looked into my old developer kit and the servos are different, new kit has the HDD's.

When i connected it to wi-fi it said V4/2. : )

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G'Day Newagetomy,

I ordered mine out of Hong Kong warehouse (Import tax reseasons) Not sure where you ordered yours from but since you are in AP Hong Kong seems logical. I purchased last kits in Hong Kong warehouse but USA still has supply.


Hola Nink,

mine was from the AUS warehouse here.

I ordered my first kit from them also but it was the old kit, so was happy to see its the new V4.