Windows 10 Smartscreen Flags Ez-builder Update 2016.10.16.00 As Unrecognized App


If you click the "More Info" text you will get a "run anyways" option
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That happens to apps that microsoft doesn't think are popular. You can find out more using google for features of the Microsoft Windows Operating system's "Smarter Screen Filter". Here's instructions to disable it, if it is a nuisance:


The latest release of EZ-Builder installer (2016.10.18.00) from today has a new certificate which may assist with the annoying smartscreen filter in the future


I still get the same series of warnings on 2016.10.18.00, but is does still install by taking the "more info" path

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I'm running Windows 10 Home x64 vs 14393.321


Figured as much... thanks for the feedback. Not much we can do until enough people install EZ-Builder for Microsoft to accept that we're an actual software program. Although, i don't think that'll happen anytime soon because they're pushing pretty hard for 3rd party developers to use the AppStore.


It does show the publisher now instead of "unknown". I think the certificate makes smartfilter react faster to new versions, not totally prevent screening.

It stopped triggering on the August release late last month, but started again with yesterday's release. That is how smartfilter works.

I do wonder if we'll still get this when we download from the Windows robot store or if that flags it as safe...



There's going to be some time before EZ-Builder works properly in the windows store. As PTP recognized, there's already a few issues and limitations - specifically being unable to install plugins with the AppStore version of EZ-Builder. These are things i'm slowly working out on how to resolve with microsoft's AppStore.



"Robot AppStore" is the Microsoft App Store or is another kind of apps ?


Well the ezrobot forum changes App Store to AppStore which makes it confusing when talking about Microsoft store I guess haha

See Smile just accept it I guess