Windows Release 2016.10.18.00



- Remove StartVoice() from prompt builder since it overwrote SetVoice() as per PTP's email suggestion (

- SetVolume() allows ez-b index (

- display the battery voltage and temperature of the ez-b when connection occurs in status window

- updated error message when importing auto position that doesn't match current configuration

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Thanks for fixing the TTS settings. I can finally reliably use any of my robot voices!



Does that mean it works?


Yes, works perfectly.



Good to hear - removing the StartVoice() and EndVoice() in the PromptBuilder did the trick. There's no Microsoft documentation in the PromptBuilder that states it will default to a different mystery voice if StartVoice() is used ( PTP suggested specifying the voice in the PromptBuilder StartVoice(), but instead i simply removed the StartVoice() entirely. Now it continues to use SelectVoice() instead as before (


I haven't tested with sayezb yet, but say, and the TTS object work. I can change voices, change rate, and change emphasis and they all work as expected. Both Windows voices and Cepstral voice.



My Speech Settings Control now looks like this since the update;

User-inserted image

I can't adjust the rate or emphasis and I no longer have the male/ female voice option - there is a female voice available though.


Interesting. Rate and emphasis work for me. I still think there are regional differences in the voices, but I am surprised that there is any difference between EN-US and EN-CN settings.



Because when you set the gender or age it defaults to the main mystery voice. It's one or the other, hence my previous response. Maybe there's another overrride somewhere but it sure isn't in the promptbuilder.

This is what you get for the time being...


I have computer set on EN-US. Do have the male/female voice option?