Brookstone 50% Off Ez Servos And Other Bits


I was about to order a couple of servos from the EZ store, but was shocked to see how much the shipping was from China. More than the cost of two servos. So i did a quick search and found Brookstone is offering buy one get one free on certain bits, ie servos orientation sensor etc. I ended up doubling up the servos for the same price from the EZ Store. Not sure how long the sale will last.


Brookstone has been offering this for some time. I suspect it will continue until they are out of stock.

Don't order things you don't need, but if you order an uneven number of 2 items (ie 3 lever servos, and 3 rotation servos) you may end up with extras. They packaged items for storage in 2 packs, I guess expecting that everyone would order 2 of the same thing, but the BOGO is for any EZ-Bit, mix and match. I got an extra servo and an extra orientation sensor at no charge when I ordered from them.



Great additional info. Might try ordering another batch, this time an odd number to see what happens. Anyone know why they are liquidating their stock?


@fxrtst I think ez robot and Brookstone parted company a while back....


...oh, did not know...


There are a set number of EZ-Robot parts left at Brookstone, which they are selling at reduced prices. These parts are last years parts and I don't believe that they will receive any new stock from EZ-Robot.

The normal customer that purchased from Brookstone didn't do any research and thought that they were buying a toy more than an expandable robot. Because of this, there were more damaged parts and far more support given to these users. There were returns because the customer didn't understand what they were purchasing and didn't really fall into the education or hobby type customer that EZ-Robot is geared to working with. Brookstone didn't really have the staff to support this product because it isn't simply a "unbox and put batteries in" type product. They are not geared toward supporting a product that they sell as much as most re-sellers. I am sure that there were a lot of customers who loved the robots but from talking to EZ-Robot and talking to Brookstone, it simply wasn't a great fit. Most customers who buy something in the mall aren't the same customers who buy something to really mess around with, expand on and really get to know the inner workings of the device.

Anyway, you can find last years parts cheap at Brookstone right now. Last years parts are what is being sold by EZ-Robot right now, so if you can't wait, Brookstone is a good option. They do ship the products quickly and I have had no issue yet with any of these parts.


As I recall, EZ-Robots is going with digital servos in the next generation of things. Something to keep in mind.


oh..are the current servos analog? For some reason I thought they were digital?


Yes, the current servos run on digital ports but the pot that is in the servo is analog. The new servos are supposed to be incredibly quiet. I haven't seen them yet.


@WBS00001, @CochranRobotics:

I missed that, can someone post the link (digital servo announcement).

generally speaking:

both servos have Gears and analog Potentiometers
both use PPM signals
both use string of pulses to move the motor to the desired position.

The main difference is the servo electronic (inside the servo)

analog servo:
controlled via custom chip
50 Hz pulses

digital servo:
controlled via a micro controller.
300 Hz pulses

A digital servo allows higher motor updates (300 Hz) which gives more precision, fast control, constant & high torque

BUT there are some complains much more noise, more power consumption.

Every servo is different, and each manufacture has their secret servo algorithm, and different hardware quality,

the biggest issue is the power.

I have doubts if is a good choice for small battery robots.