Dead Servo



We've be running a little robotics club at our school and JD has been central to that. He's been perfect for a year, but last week he was simply walking across a table and started to move strangely.

After some investigation it turned out that his left leg ankle wasn't moving anymore. I've searched through the posts here and tried the different fixes but nothing seems to be working.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Can anyone see something wrong here? I don't have any hardware experience but it all looks alright to me!

I'm hoping that whatever is wrong with it is covered by the warranty...

Any advice would be hugely welcome as would any tips on projects we could do without his legs! Grin


You can find a replacement servo here:

Servos are wear items and not covered under warranty. A year is a good amount of time from a servo being used often. You can find out more about how servos work here:


Thank you! When I can work out how to say that you resolved this for me I will...