Servo Movement Question


I've had to replace my sholder servo after it burnt out. (only 2 weeks old). The new one I've fitted doesn't seem to work correctly in Ez builder

If I move the servo by hand (not under power) it goes from about -5 to 185

When I set the servo slider to 180 the arm on JD is at the 170 position
When I set the servo slider to 0 the arm stops moving at 16. The arm looks to be roughly in the 16 position.

Hope that was clear to understand

The servo I have fitted was a hextronic HXT 10kg metal gear that I had laying around in the garage

Is there some sort of servo config I need to do?


EZ-Robot replacement servo for JD's shoulder can be found here: HDD Servo

For increased servo life, please view this important tutorial:


Is there a reason mines not not working properly though?


It's impossible to know if your aftermarket servo is working as designed or if it's faulty. Ezrobot servos are designed for the ezb controller. The pwm limits differ per servo, which may not give you full or accurate positioning. The reason ezrobot servos are designed for ezrobots is to provide accurate positioning.

For example, you wouldn't wear two different shoes, Or run 2 different tires on a car, etc...

The after market servo you have selected may not adhere to the pwm specifications of the ezb.