Mp3 Trigger Mobile Control


Hi Folks, Its that time of year to get the G-Bot ready for Halloween! Always exciting.

I must say I was a little disappointed to see the MP3 Trigger control is not supported on the mobile interface. It would be so much easier to control the robot from my phone 100%.

Anyone know if there are plans to implement this anytime soon?




The MP3 interface isn't supported but the functionality is. Just use ezscript and create your own buttons and interface.

1) create a mobile app with buttons for each MP3 sound. There is a tutorial in the mobile interface builder manual page which demonstrates how to create a mobile app.

2) use the Cheat Sheet when adding script for each button to execute the ControlCommand() to play the sound. There is a tutorial in the mobile interface builder manual page which demonstrates how to add script to buttons.

3) voila

You can access any control manual pages by pressing the ? (Question mark) next to the x (close) button.


I may work on that for Halloween but it won't really help me for this weekend. We have a Fall Festival and the robot will be out and buzzing around. I'll probably just stay with a mini notebook for now since the G-Bot has about 500 phases. I won't have time to build this manually (I typically am doing this stuff last minute, unfortunately).
Even using the MP3 Trigger control, I have to limit how many phrases I load on the card and use.
That's great to know though. Thanks DJ!


I'll whip one up for you, if you'd like. Save your project to the cloud today and tell me what the name is. I don't see any recent projects there right now by you:


Cant install EZ Builder on my work PC so I can't upload one until late tonight.

I only need a mobile control that connects directly to Board 0 at the default IP that includes the MP3 trigger control.

The rest of the robot set up for manual control by a Futaba radio right now.

username is: gwen4156

If you are able to upload one to my cloud that would be SOOOO AWESOME!

Thanks either way!