Ez Robot At Intel Idf16


As in tomorrow? Fellas a little heads up on these huge announcements.. I would have flown down to see this!


Lol - apologies but it wasn't public info to share until now. I really wanted to - but we have been working really hard on something that will be announced tomorrow as a proof of concept (POC). I can't say anymore just yet...

Ps, it's tues, wed, thurs


Well just reading the news feed has me super excited can't wait for an announcement! Good luck guys!


Thanks! Stay tuned Smile


Oh I will Smile


Can anyone confirm that anybody can attend this event? I am lucky enough to be in San Francisco on Thursday at approx noon. I would like to stop in and see and possibly meet ez robot folks. The idf website says "sold out". Thanks guys!



Oh the pain!...how long much I wait?! Any ETA on official announcement?


Watch the twitter feed, it was announced just a little bit ago. Looks interesting!



I just finished watching the IDF session, and based in what intel release i can guess some ideas:

1) Intel Realsense cameras integration with EZBuilder to provide navigation, and person detection, one demo idea can be a follow me robot.

2) New hardware footprint (similar to a Raspberry PI 3) to run Windows 10 and EZBuilder.


thanks for the twitter tip... i was close.