Jo Robosapien Project


I really appreciate the positive feedback....I also 5 more robot projects to post that should be very interesting for our robot community. You know just to keep up robot building enthusiasm. Here is a snick peek
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@rb550f are you able to use the current EZ-Builder application to control your RoboSapien? I thought I remember in an old thread that newer versions past a certain point flaked out in controlling a RoboSapien properly. I was just wondering if you were using an older version and what which version date it was?

All of your robot are freaking awesome and inspirational! On BMAX I see an OmniBot 2000 base and body, another torso from an OmniBot 2000, arms from an Emiglio robot. What is the head from, I can't place it?


I am using current EZ-Builder. The head on BMAX is from a RadioShack Robie Sr that I modified. Don't know why image is rotated on post.