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Trying To Get Led To Flicker While Sound Is Playing

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I am building a semi static BB8 (from Star Wars) out of foam. I have the EZb playing different sound files when a button is pressed (I have it set up for mobile, I press a button and it randomly plays one of several sound files). What I am trying to do is get it so that when it plays a sound file an LED flickers on and off while sound is playing and then stops when sound stops. I have managed to do the Sound Servo script and it works, but the LED also flickers when ever there is a external sound.
Can anyone help me out with this please.

Thank you.
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Just noticed on the soundboard it has an edit option. Wondering if I could make a script for each sound file?. I will have to try it when my battery charges back up.


You can - or you can attach an led to the speaker output.


Sweet, never thought of that. I have to move the speaker anyway, so adding the LED to it would work. Awesome thanks.


Credit to Patrick. A search might find it. He has a YouTube video demoing it


DJ, would'nt sound servo also work for control of an LED synced with sound?


Yeah - that's a good point. You could connect an led to a digital pin and use sound servo. Good idea Justin


I mentioned in my first post that I tried the sound servo thing, but found that any sound even external would set off the LED. I needed it so that only the when the sound file is being played would the LED flicker. But thanks.
I am going to try putting some script in each of the sound files, that way I can control how bright the LED flickers depending on the sound file being played. Thanks to everyone for helping me out.


Remember, there are 3 sound servo controls:

Sound Servo PC MIC - that would pic up any sound from the MIC on your PC.

Sound Servo PC Speaker - that would pic up only sounds played through the speaker.

Sound Servo EZB Playback - that would pick up only sounds played through the EZB Speaker.

I just wanted to mention that to make sure you know about the 3 different options.


Just for thoroughness, there is also a talk servo control which only activates for text to speech (either Say or SayEZB). Doesn't apply in this case since you are using robot sounds, not speech,but helpful if someone looks here later.