Software For Creating Robo-bits In



I am running a project next week designing a dozen AdventureBots with a group of students we have access to an array of 3D printers and want to allow students to design and build add-ons.

What is the simplest software to bring in the clip and extend it into something cool - jousting spear for instance.




123d is free for this type of thing and really easy to get your head around how it works. There are a lot of free to use tools though and I suspect you will get a lot of different answers.


There's a few links to software in ezbuilder but creator - although everyone has different software they use. Long as your software can import an stl, that's all that matters to get clips on.

You can download the stl templates of the clips here in designer resources:

Try different programs and see what u prefer - sadly I don't have any suggestions because we use solidworks.