(dj) Number Johnny 5 Life Size Robot Project


Thank you kindly for all the info!:-). I'm sure it will take awhile to complete this project but in time it will be an amazing accomplishment:-) currently cutting & obtaining all the body parts then will add in the EZ system, servos, motors, gears..... Will keep everyone posted and again what an awesome time this is to be in where robotics are coming along for the future!:-)


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Was able to finish the hands then head needs to be re-done correctly at that point body frame etc..... What I have learned is it's definitely a lot of robot to chew on (take on) as a lover & admirer of J5 is not possible with my current tools & knowledge to make a j5 using ez-b so have definitely went back to the orig plan to just make a life size j5 using the j5 templates/blueprints... wanted to update the info her for that:-) it's a long hard tedius project for my own private self gratitude:-). On the other hand I'm enjoying The EZ-Robot JD and there's a lot to learn from him, he's still an amazing little humanoid:-). Kinda get bummed on not being able to get a ez system into a life size j5 but we all sometimes have these silly ideas & dreams but sometimes it just don't work the way we think & plan it out:-) other than that EZ-Robot is an amazing system indeed!:-)
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EZ Robot works great in full size robots.
I am sure It can power your servos.


Any progress on the robot`? Any new pictures?