Streaming Audio From Other Program Through Ez Builder


Hi all,

Has anyone been able to Stream audio triggered from other programs through EZ Builder over wifi to an EZB? I know the PC soundboard will play sound files located on your laptop. But what I want to do is play audio on an EZB that would normally play through my PC's speaker. For example maybe an internet radio show, a youtube video audio track, sound files triggered and used by another program on the laptop other then EZ Builder.

Thanks in advance. Smile


Hi Dave - that may be a feature request or plugin. The WASAPI can be used as input for something like the microphone control. I'll think on it.


Thanks DJ. Wish I knew how to write plug in or even what would need to be used to make this work.


I just finished publishing a plugin to relay sound to EZB.

it's my first plugin i think i missed some point, the zip contains the DLL but EZ-Builder can't load the plugin, do you know if there are logs to help troubleshoot the issue ?



I solved the issue, compilation issue (Debug vs Release).

Please let me know if it works for you.


Oooh Smile fancy! I'm excited to try it out.


I just messed with this plugin. Really cool PTP, and useful!



Please try, there is a glitch every time (red light) between the PlayData actions, i tried different methods, but no success, i think i'll need an aditional PlayData method to allow adding data to the current EZB .NET Stack PlayData Buffer.

If you have time i can open & share the code in Github to improve the plugin.

@David does it work ?

I trusted some old code from an old project (Broadcasting music to multiple wifi ARM/Arduino Clones), then i spent a couple nights porting to an EZBuilder plugin, and then i crossed the fingers Smile


It worked well. There was some lag issues where the audio cut out for a few seconds but nothing too annoying. Played youtube audio from a web browser through the EZ-B V4 speaker.


Take that logo you used and include it in the zip file calling it title.jpg and you will have a nice graphic to find the plugin by.