Micro Air Vehicle Communication Protocol+ezb V4 Controller


dear friends
we are small R&D team doing humanitarian and environmental project in Africa
please watch our project


we are looking to represent ezrobot technology and product in Africa for learning -social innovation project that affect positively on rural areas

now we working on (agricultural robot project ) our team replace the embedded computer (raspberry pi) with ezb-v4 controller

so pleas we need help to :

1-communicate the ez-bv4 with serial communication to pixhowk(px4) autopilot from (3dr robotics )

2- inside the ez b software we need method(terminal etc) to use (MAV link ) protocol software communication between the ez-b and autopilot



Hi there, you can create a plugin using this link: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/plugins/

*Note: There is an excellent tutorial which explains details to create a plugin. I would recommend providing that link to your programming team to follow.

Looks like a great project! Good luck!

PS, once you are ready to migrate from EZ-Builder to the raspberry pi, use the Mono package available in the Software tab. Your programming team will be able to migrate the EZ-Builder plugin code to the mono project.


dear dj sure

thanks alot for your replay
we will do our best to start command communication between the (ezb-v4 controller) and (px4 autopilot) but we are still new to ezb robotics
so pleas we need help from all experts and friends in this forum

i wish we can achieve large scale social & environmental project improves the Development of rural areas in Africa