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Ez-builder Version 2016.05.17.00 - Soundboard Noises - Bug Or Bad New Future?

Assistance Requested

Help Smarty with their question and receive $10 of EZ-Credit to get more robots and parts from our store. The following information was provided about their previous efforts searching tutorials for a resolution.

Smarty claims to have checked these sources:

Hi there!

I updated to the newest Software: Version 2016.05.17.00
If I playing Soundboard V4 MP3s the robot speaker makes bad clicking-noises.
first I hear a click, then play the sound..

I deinstalled the software and used an 1 month older version..
now its without any click-noises..

I updated to the newest software again..
the bad click-noises are back! *stress*

is this a new future or a bug ?


I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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That's strange - can you share an Example Project that demonstrates the click? Thanks


@ DJ Sures

thanks for the fast response.

here the video:

first you hear my mouse click, then the soundboard-click



Sorry, I need an Example Project so I can replicate the issue. If I cannot replicate the issue, I'm unable to know what I'm fixing. Hope that makes sense.


now the Example Project is online and ready to download. I shared it with my old account name: "asimo"


I will require a filename or a link to the project. Is it in the cloud? You can also upload to this forum using the attach file option.


its in the cloud/ file name: "soundboard 4.0 bug"
shared by asimo


I am having the same problem as Smarty, Getting "clicking" sound before speech starts. I don't have the problem with a EZ Builder version from a few months ago. We had this problem awhile ago but I can't find the thread. I believe it was related to the Talk Servo control. You fixed it DJ.


Here you go:

The volume smoothing of the IoTiny, which uses a different audio technique, affected the v4. The code is reverted for the v4 and a new module controls the IoTiny only.