I would have shared the broadcast protocol if you still need it Smile


Alan, thank you for the break down. That makes perfect sense. Smile



Thanks, regarding the broadcast protocol does include the camera port ?
I tried different combinations and no success.

another question for you or Jeremie:

As you know when the PIC32 lockups (i2c or other conditions) the red led is on.

1) does exist a byte cmd sequence to restart the PIC32 ?

2) Is the PIC32 MCLR pin available in the PCB ?

3) there two pins x1 x2, are those clock pins ?

i would like to build a firmware option to reset the PIC32.

If no byte sequence, and the PIC32 MCLR pin is available i can connect to one of the WF121 digital ports.


Ports configuration is a great feature!


Sorry @PTP I didn't see this post until today.

It's actually when the STM32 on main board locks up that the red LED stays lit.

1) Sorry I don't know but @DJ might.

2) Yes, MCLR is broken out to the first pin of the programming header

3) X1 and X2 are "extra" pins made available from the STM32. There were broken out for future projects but haven't been utilized yet.


The PIC32 is the wifi module that you are programming, and it does not lock up with the red led.

The red led is connected to the bottom board STM32. When the red led comes on from incorrect i2c communication, there is no software recovery. You will need to reset the power on the stm32, as it cannot be done via software.

As for the ezb broadcast, here is the protocol...


UDP Port: 4242

"EZ-B v4.x||%s||%s||%u",
name of ezb (i.e. "My EZB")
ip address (i.e. "")
port (i.e. "23")

name of ezb (i.e. "My EZB")
ip address (i.e. "")
port (i.e. "24")

Transmit those packets every 3-6 seconds to (0xffffffff). For udp broadcast, be sure to use socket option SO_BROADCAST


@DJ, Jeremie:
Thanks for coming back to the thread, i know you have a lot in your plates.

I wrote it incorrectly (PIC32) i wanted to write ARM Smile


Arm board:

The NRST pin (7) is not accessible,
1)i see a capacitor C13 connected to GND and NRST
2)i presume the NRST is connected to the VCC, but i can't guess if there is a resistor between VCC and NRST ?

If there is a resistor, i can safely pull down to do a reset. The idea is to restart the ARM when is in lock mode.


Just updated my (2) V4's tonight to fix the wifi glitch. Would love to give this a whirl when it's available.




Yes C13 is the only connection to NRST. There is a weak 40kohm internal pullup resistor that ties it high.


Any word on release date? Need another beta tester? ;-)