Elvia The Ez Robot Powered Android-elvis "hack"


Bob, D.J., Tony, and Dave, thank you for the kind words.
Bob, I revisited the "Talk Servo" and made some progress.
You are right, it performs better when it is tweaked for each individual application.
Have it pretty good on short phrases, but still needs timing adjustment for longer phrases.


my old terminator version Grin

Elvia is a little bit more "sexy" haha


Your video is great.
Did you utilize a common servo control board?
Do you have plans to use the jaw and neck mechanism?
Thanks for sharing.
Steve S Winky


Elvia has a few updates including a new hat, and new digital servo for top lip.
The wig was too much of a hassle, hard to service her.
She is interacting with an Echo Dot and displaying her emotions.
Elvia uses the PCSpeaker Sound Servo for mouth movement which allows Alexa voice through the USB Sabrent microphone input.
She is not using it in this video.


I think that for the mouth you need two servos:
1. OO-EE mouth shape
2. Jaw open/close.


That lip curl is an impersonation of Elvis Presley. Back in the 60's, all over the world the girls fainted dead when he looked at them, sang a few words, girated the hips and curled his lip like that. It always creeped me out a little. *sick* However on Steve's bot it's hilarious. Maybe I just don't feel as threatened now as did from the real "King" of Rock and Roll. Grin


Updates include removal of the jawbone, installing a new mouth lever with a longer folcrum point giving more realistic talking movement, a Sabrent USB audio card, and new servos.
Installed 2 new HobbyKing Digital HV coreless servos for the mouth and upper lip.
This application is very demanding on servos, and burned up many, even after much adjustment. These have operated fine so far, but are noisy.
I am glad D.J. annouced a new replacement HD Servo, that is great news.
Another update is a Sabrent USB audio card allows Alexa input directly into EZ Builder.
The audio card was not used in the last video.
The input moves two mouth servos on my robot using Sound Servo PC Speaker.
The output can be sent to an amplied speaker, because my robot is noisy.
Simple text Say(""Winky commands also work with this setup, eliminating having a separate program file for TalkServo setup.
The Sabrent USB audio input becomes your microphone, so I must remove it to use my default laptop microphone for VR.
We have numerous Alexa controlled devices, light plugs, and switches in our home.
I thought it only natural to bring Alexa into my robotoics. The skill used in the video is called "Word Master", a fast paced back and forth with Alexa that really forces you to think.
New skills and options will only make robotics better. My Echo Dot just gave me an alarm reminder to use my Symbicort, that was my wife's idea.
I need some custom Alexa commands to better integrate Alexa into my robotics.
Thank You,
Steve S

HobbyKing servo

Sabrent USB Audio

User-inserted image


Very nice upgrades Steve. You've been busy.


You're robot has been featured on motherboard. Congrats for startling the world Smile


My favorite quote is


Consider all of this potential archival footage for when the robots rise.