My 3d Design For The New Io Tiny Board


This is just a simple mock up... I am sure it will need tweaking. I designed it according to the board dimensions that @Jeremine posted in another thread ( )... Since I actually don't have an IoTiny to work from, I am sure (as mentioned) I will need to adjust the design a fair bit...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Looks good, will you share the sti files once you have a Lotiny and adjust the design to suit.



Of course... Smile


May be Jeremie would send you a pro-type to work with? Winky


Ha, ha... I wish... Tongue


First, it looks awesome!

But, how did you manage the tapered edges/sides in TinkerCad? Or does it just look like there is one?


Post the files and I'll try it out Smile


@DJ... They are not finished (there are probably some errors in the stls as well) but I will post what I have so far..

@Justin... I actually used the ezb4 STL shell(s) and manipulated them... I haven't figured out an easy way to filet or taper edges yet in TinkerCad... I know that option is in OnShape, however...


Hey @RR, that's a nice enclosure!

Here's a bit of feedback:

The length dimension needs to grow a little from ~40mm to ~45mm

User-inserted image

The top enclosure seems to bottom out on the barrel jack, so it may need to grow in height or a cutout may need to be added.

User-inserted image

The cutout on the camera/i2c/speaker connector side may need to go further to the edge

User-inserted image


Oh I forgot to mention that if you could reverse the artwork to be recessed instead of protruding it would make it a little easier to print Winky

Anyway, I'll leave the artistic interpretation in your hands as you may like the look better that way. I was just lazy and didn't want to dig out the supports so I printed it upside down lol.