Custom 3d Print Request


Hello Ez-robot friends, I have a custom print project that I need help with and am willing to paypal some cash your way. the idea is I want a white 4-5in extension cylinder to go in between the base and dome of my Hexapod kit. i would like vented sections on the bottom similar to the dome bottom for wiring with open bottom and the top only closed enough inward to place the 4 slits for the dome to reattach. I have multiple pictures for reference but the idea is to create a robobrain type robot from the Fallout games so the design will be the core chest armor from the image. please send me an email at with a price and time quote and I would love to work with yea. thanks
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These files aren't mine but are free to use... I did tweak them a little to more look like your picture... You may have to enlarge the holes on top to fit the dome better



User-inserted image


Thats perfect thanks


atom! This is going to be a neat robot! And it will have the hexapod legs still? So cool. Can't wait to see it


I'm thinking 4 legged turtle walker with hopefully 2-3 servo neck attaching on the top so I can animate the the eye a bit more. I will just have to get a few more in the future Winky


I enjoy having the head more life like for example space arc Smile


Haha space space space space. Space space.

Yeah, arc does like space! That's a fun personality lol