Next Hack - Robot B9


Okay, so I decided to do the noise reduction as outlined by jstarne1 on his build. Then I opened up the base and this RAD drive is very different from my Omnibot. Way too many issues with crevices and such to work with the dynamat. So I have decided to use undercoating. After several coats I feel that everything is well coated and should quiet it down considerably.
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After it all dries well, then I'll get the motor controller and batteries set up. I plan on using the original wiring in the base, along with the on/off switch. I will also mount my charging port here in the base. I plan on two 6V batteries wired to keep it 6V but increase the amps. This should give me a longer run time.



That is looking great! I am curious to hear how your undercoating many coats did you use and where did you get it?

Again....B9 is looking pretty sweet!




Hey Kevin, I used standard automotive undercoating that I got at Lowes. I put two coats on it. It's basically a spray on rubber coating and two coats is about 1/16" thick. The can said it was sound deadening, so we will see. I also used a ton of lube in the gear boxes - Lithium-Graphite. That should also help with noise. If I think it is still too noisy, there is enough room to add additional insulation on top of the gear boxes. Right now I am looking at batteries that will be placed in the drive section for balance.


Bret I tested tool dip from lowes today , its a molasses.consistancy and.paints on with a brush , I found the spray in stuff to take many Coates. Tool dip rubber in a big can .is 5 to 6 bucks. It's crazy how.loud these rads are stock lol. If you descide to add tool dip rubber it can paint right over the spray on Coates you made. Looks awesome very clean man , I like it. Is this.the b9 base?


Yes, this is the base for my B9. This is where I will use that uber cool motor controller I got from you...


Right , can't wait for my project to reach a good stopping point so I can start fiddle darting around with the rad base.


2 ub645 batteries fit side by side on their edge and still have room in the front for ezb. You will need to trim away at that cup holder though.
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Sorry man I posted the wrong pic , here's the pic showing the batteries strapped down with Velcro wire tie on their.edge.
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I hate giving up that cup colder though, the perfect place for him to bring me a beer! I actually found this battery, that with a little modding, I think I can fit behind the cup holder.
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The dimensions are 6" X 2" X 3.7" (LxWxH) - it is 6V 12AH and only $14.00

@jstarne1 - what are your plans for your RAD base?


I measured , keeping the cupholder is a no go ,