Plugin Being Seen Multiple Times When Installed By Others


I think this is a question that will have to be answered by DJ so I am going to phrase it that way...

The EZ-AI_Client_EZB plugin was first developed by one of my developers under their login and setup to be a private plugin. After it was close to finished, I took over the development of this plugin so it could be published by Cochran Robotics. The plugin in both of our environments is named the same but obviously have unique GUIDs.

When users install this plugin, it is appearing 2 times under plugins. They are choosing to install the public plugin (published by me), but 2 plugins are showing up on the users plugins catalog of components.

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do and it will be done.



Change the name of the old plugin. Also change the icon of the old plugin. And add a message on the old plugin with a popup box or something that says it isn't to be used anymore. You could also delete the plugin entirely, but that won't remove any installed plugins. Also if you delete the plugin, you will lose historical reference.

The plugin system will never have the ability to remove plugins installed by users. When a user opts in to install a plugin on their system, ezrobot will never erase that plugin.

So no, the plugin is not being seen multiple times - the users are seeing two different plugins with the same name. Fix that for your users with above suggestions and they can stop using your older deprecated plugin.


Great! Thanks DJ.


One more question on this just for clarity in my mind. The old plugin was never public. Nobody installed the old plugin which had its own GUID but the same title.

When the plugin is installed, it is showing up 2 times, both of which are pointing to the correct plugin. Will renaming the old (never been public) cause the issue not to happen? The old ones icon is different already, so that shouldn't be an issue.

On a side note, when the install is happening, it isn't taking the graphic with it from the public plugin. It is using the standard plugin graphic (like the private one has), which makes me think that these two are confusing each other during the install process.

I will have the other ones name changed and see what happens.



Another piece of information...
After the install of the public plugin, only one GUID is being displayed under C:\Users\Public\Documents\EZ-Builder\Plugins.

User-inserted image

In EZ-Builder

User-inserted image

Just letting you know in case you want to look at something. I will have Nick rename his plugin and then try the install again and let you know the results.


Perhaps you have two plugin dll's in that folder?


User-inserted image

XML file is pointing to the EZ-AI_Client_EZB.dll


I am pushing out another version that uses the NAudio.dll from EZ-Builder directory and doesn't include the EZ-Builder.XmlSerializer.dll.


No change. Now only files are

User-inserted image


Do you have two forms in the dll both inheriting the plugin master?