Giving A Meccano G15 Ks An Ez Makeover


Good afternoon, I have a problem with a meccanoid 2.0 xl, the Spanish language is not available, I want to know if the g15 ks software is compatible and if it has the Spanish language available ........ where can I download the software for the g15 ks? Thank you


hi i found this has info where to choose and download your version


Instead of using an arduino as a bridge, couldn't the uart port on the mecanno Brian's circuit board be used to connect directly to the ezb? The port is not exposed on the case. You would have to cut a hole to get the wires through.

BTW -toys r us has the dev 6 servos on clearance for 4.99 ea.


@DJ Sures

Don't you think Tezsmith's Meccano robot looks a lot like ROBERTO from Futurama!? @tezsmith where did you say you got his brain from?

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Just don't go so far as to make ROBERTO 2.0! Then we will have some trouble!
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@Bumsteadsean curious what the benefit of talking to meccanoid brain from EZ-B to servos versus an arduino. Sounds like a lot of work and I don't know if there is enough documentation on the MeccaBrain to interface with it. You just need a pull down resistor and you can hang as many servos you want off a $5 arduino, there is an opensource library and there is lots of script examples for EZ-B with Arduino to Meccanoid servo's.


Good point.