Giving A Meccano G15 Ks An Ez Makeover


Just got my G15KS, and the price was a steal (50€).
Its a very nice build base for EZB. I am not shure if i keep the meccanoid servos or use HDD servos. Will do some testing.



I am also testing EZ servo's.
Big advantage I can see so far is metal gears over meccanoid plastic ones.
Be interested in your thoughts.



i got one too .xl model.original servo are not good ,you cant pic up a little nut.
am changing into HDD.they are quit and stay stil when power on.

does any one know if the horn of original servo mecanoid fit to HDD ? ez servo.


Ah so im not the only one who had a servo keep moving when powered on?

It was driving me nuts, and so i had to pull my project down and install a new servo to replace it..doesn't move when powered on now thankfully. Smile


I am also converting a 4 ft meccanoid to ez control.
The meccanoid servo horns will fit Hdd and most other servo's.
I would be interested to hear about your progress.


Hi, I am currently using some MG995 servos that I had laying around in my Meccanoid but they suck.
They loose position and are not smooth.
I am waiting for 8 HDD servos to arrive.



the horns of mecano are in two pieces.when you screw them on a HDD,
only the back will be have to use wacher to bolt them together,
on a servo.

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@ Nomad 6R
Thanks for that.
I am trying to devise a walking system using the wheels to do a sort of shuffle.
I think the weight will be to great to have servo's moving hinged legs.
The idea comes from Mindstorms Ev3 robots.


i need a chuffle too for my baby jd.


@ Nomad 6R
Great video, great robots, well done!