Giving A Meccano G15 Ks An Ez Makeover


Wow, Nice work. Very well done. Looks like you had fun putting him together. You've got to be proud.

What's next?


I plan to use the ex-meccanoid G15 KS and my Revolution JD to test a number of algorithms I am working on. I would also like to build a much stronger version of the ex-meccanoid and have some hip movement included. I keep thinking about how I could add hip movement to the ex-meccanoid. However, that is a task for some time in the future.


Hi tezsmith, i was wanting to also give hip movement to my ez robotified meccanoid. Since you're braver than i and already upgraded yours, have you looked into a lazy susan? Home depot and lowes here only carry 6'' and up but found a 3" online at amazon.
I think by running a strip of aluminum across the center and mounting the hip servo to it might work well. Heres a pic.
What do you think?
User-inserted image


Yes. they look great. I am not quite ready yet to carry out the hip conversion, but I think I will order some now. Thanks very much. I wish you well with your conversion. Smile


Have you done anymore with meccanoid and ez-robot since your last posting? If so, can you give any updates?


Yes there are more updates, Mainly programming. I will update as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest. I have seen what you have done with yours. The meccanoid makes for quite a good platform. I may take a while replying because I am away on business. As soon as time allows I will update.




Hi all Meccanoid fans,
I have a G15KS crying out for an EZ make over so any further info would be eagerly awaited.


Thanks for suggestions. I am going to attempt to re model the meccanoid into a "JD" version. Using EZ servo's and extra meccanoid pieces from another set