New Ez-ai Website


We stood up a new EZ-AI website. and have had a limited group of people checking out the knowledge engine. We will be starting the Beta test in about 9 days. EZ-AI is almost here... I can hardly wait.


Congrats Dave. You have worked hard for this and have brought this concept to an amazing level. Winky You will be success.

EDIT: I just checked out the new site. Very nice and professional. Neat, clean and easy to navigate. It's something to be proud of. Winky


Looking Good Dave !



P.S. Still printing !


Thank you both. I hope to have a video of EZ-AI in EZ-Builder in the next couple of days. Videos do a much better job of explaining things.


Will check it right now! Smile


Coming soon to a robot near you Smile

This is just showing off a bit of the knowledge engine. I will do another one this weekend showing reminders and such. Work has worn me out already this week but wanted to get something showing that this is a real thing out to this community.



Looks very interesting....cant wait to see more! Grin


Brilliant work! I am looking forward to trying EZ-Ai on the ALTAIR robots



Thank you. We will be finishing things up Saturday morning and then rush to the post office at noon to get the servers sent out to the Beta Testers. I hope to have a video on the setup of the EZ-AI server and client. There isn't much to the setup at all, so it should be a quick one. I just want to wait until the cleanup is finished on the client before making it public.

We will be running through the EZ-AI plugin code to make sure that all possible errors are caught and such. We will be posting it for download on May 4th. We will make the client open source after the Beta, but the project is obviously open source when we share it.

Good day all, and thanks for the coments.

Exciting times around here for sure.


Nice David! It's been a work in progress coming true! I'm looking forward to EZ-AI's release.