Using Wifi , 3g And 4g Data Stick , Endless Range


Ok I picked up.three.of.these for 99 cents each but usually tmobile sells them for 40 . Up to.21 mb connection. Not.sure could be direct wired to ezb but for those.with micro computer, android or mini itx you can connect through USB.
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Having a onboard itx I could access the control panel over.the web or remote desktop. Having.the second data stick for the tablet means I don't need to rely.on local networking or having a WiFi router.nearby.


jstarne1 You can find more deals ! Smile


Was that a compliment? Lol. You can do a dollar a say.unlimited plan or 30 monthly data.plan so there are contract options.


NO, NO, NO, you're going the wrong way, It may be a good device but building a bot ( and maybe an expensive bot ) and then basically renting time so that you can use your own bot is ( in my mind ) ludicrous! I want to build my bots for my use first and not with a data plan ! sheesh



I work for a cell company so to me its practical. I only pay ten bucks for all the data I need Smile


I guess in-away I will be paying to use my bots here in Canada, Shaw Cable is expanding their network with a free WiFi service in major cities if you are a home service customer, I pay for home-use sooooooo that means I will be paying to use my own bot if I use WiFi control.


True , either way u paid lol