Jd Humanoid Robot Controlled By Kinect


You could write a short ezscript that loops every 100ms and saves each servo position to a file, separating each position with a comma

Simply make another script that reads back the file and sets the positions.


Well this would be amazing. About 101 new uses if someone can make this happen! Extending uses for EZB!



Its funny everything started because i was lazy and i wanted to create jd movement actions.

I'll create another video to demo the record & playback


Crazy idea that is probably more work than it is worth, but an EZB project is essentially an XML file. Could we write the file of servo positions and timings as an set of autoposition frames and actions that could be imported into an EZB project?

That would allow for simple visual editing of the routine after it is recorded.



Ha ! I've been throwing this idea around in my head for sometime. I seriously have 101 really really cool ideas for using this. This is basically motion capture.


Any luck with recording and playback of motions?


@fxrtst: This is unfinished but it's what i have been working on: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Plugins/view/131



Happy memorial day.

@JD, you are always on Smile


Yes also i've been working on a data visualizer, i hope to have news soon.


DJ! You are my hero! I'll take a look later this week. This opens up a lot of really cool uses for animatronics.


Excellent work PTE!