Fender For Roli


here a new idea for the roli.


Nice! gives it sort of a racing look to it Grin


Interesting idea. I might adapt that idea to make rests on the front for the arms to sit on so I can release the servos without having the arm drag on the tread.



hi guys

am glad you like it.

his name is speedroli


Nice light on top !



you have good eyes. Smile


How did you fit the LEDs in there? Are you controlling with directly from the EZ-B with digital on/off or PWM?



yes just a let 3 volt and use black and white on the ezb.
the led sits loose in the peg.using the pwm.
i cut a small piece out the peg to let the wire go thru.

User-inserted image


Stop it Nomad! Your having way too much fun. LOL.

Seriously, I'm very impressed with your creativity and talent. Nicely done.

I'm so glad you kept at your connection issue and continued to build. Smile



yes i like to be creative to see what i can get out off a product.
then i see what could be usefull.does this excist ?double top gear ?
to connect choulder to the querre part.

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