@Lloyd - Thanks! Sorry, I did not get any pics of the head servo. But what I did was to mount a piece of angle plastic across the bot (using hot glue) and cut a hole in it so the servo would just slip down into it. Then I secured the servo horn to to a flat piece of aluminum and mounted that to the head. I hope that is clear. If not, I can make up some drawings.


Very nice!


I think I follow what you did. However, like the old saying goes.................a picture is worth a thousand words.Once I get the head servo in I can swap in one of my EZ-B's and bring him to life. Thanks.


@DJ Sures Hello!


@Robotz012248 Hello!


So do you have a omnibot.project omnifreak?


By the way, what did you do with the flashing LED's? Did you use EZ-B digital pins or did you create a circuit to flash them?


I used and LED chaser circuit and randomly placed the LEDs. Then I tied that to an EZ-B digital pin to turn it off and on. You need to use a TIP120 transistor to do this. I posted instructions on someone else's link but can't find it now.


@bret This one?
Link to thread


Thanks! That's the one!