When will the EZ-B5 be released?

If I order an EZ-B Wi-Fi Controller today will I get an EZ-B4, EZ-B4/2?

Are you taking 'pre-orders' for the EZ-B5?

Thank you.


There is no release schedule for the v5. I suspect late 2017 or 2018...

If you order today, you get the current ezb version. The v4.x/2 is not on the website, yet. Here's a link to the ezb that is currently shipping: http://www.ez-robot.com/Shop/AccessoriesDetails.aspx?prevCat=101&productNumber=40

We will do an announcement and demo when the v4.x/2 comes online.


Hi im soo excited to get my own ez b v4.
I have only one suggestion though. Make shipping quicker. $35 Usually would be same day or next day prices.
Thank you


using higher chipping prizes doesn mean you get your parts quicker.
it all depent howmany pakkaged your customs has to check.
also how fast they work.you also have more chance to get a defected part.
the faster they work ,the more they trow the boxes insteadt off,
handeling with care.


All parts are shipped from China. This is the cheapest you will find for international shipping that doesn't take many weeks just in the shipping process along with no real tracking information.


hi david

you can also ask to lower the amount on the invoice,you pay less at your customs .
some companies do that,you just have to ask it.i did and got 30 percent off.


USA customers don't have to deal with these costs yet. In time I am sure that we will, but it doesn't cost anything to get these products through Customs.


thats great.here they ask alot.thats why we dont see lots of robot or clubs.


Actually, I had to pay customs on my Roli order (had some other stuff too). But it was just $25 or so. Nothing like the VAT charges our European friends have to deal with.



I wonder if that was state imposed. I haven't had to pay any taxes on my orders but it has been a while. I know the electronic components that I have ordered haven't been. I do have to claim them on my taxes, but haven't been hit at the time of the order.