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Make A Led Blink When Ezbv4 Soundboard Files Play

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Hey guys, I had this working before and when my harddrive died alot of my older scripts went with it. With the BB-8 build members who have bought the ezbv4 for the builds are wanting to have the led on the front of the dome to flicker when he makes his beeping sounds. I did it before with soundservo but now its not giving me the same result. Any suggestions?

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Use the Sound Servo (EZB Playback)


@DJ Sures DJ I connect the led to D0. I open an ezbv4 sound board and load the mp3's. I then open a sound servo(ezbv4 playback). assign it to D0 and set the range to 1 and 180.


Correct, but wiring is LED connected to D0 Signal and GND (not Power)

Perhaps your LED is backward.


no, the led's are right. only blk and wht wire used. blk neg and white pos. the other issue which is a problem is that the led stays lit since the value only goes as low as 1 not 0.


Sounds like it's connected reverse.


Also - consider using the EZ-Cloud to store projects. It even has versioning so you can keep track of changes, etc... If you ever lose a hard drive, it's on the cloud.


if it were reverse they wouldn't lite up, the led is lit dimly. I then press the soundboard button the sound begins, the led goes bright and then dim when the sound is completed. No fluttering at all.


If it is reverse, the led would light up in reverse.

PWM is on and off. So, when the value is 1, the PWM is off 99%. When the value is 180, the PWM is 100%

Well, actually the PWM is not 100% using the servo control. What needs to be created in the future is a PWM audio control because 180 is only about 50% of the PWM, or maybe even less.

Also experiment with the scalar.

What you're asking for is exact configuration - which i can't help you with. No one can because your configuration, led, power, audio file, audio volume, etc is different than anyone else. Check the scalar and the polarity.


Not all LEDs draw less than 10mA.... Have you checked to see how many mA your LEDs are drawing (use a multimeter)... Sourcing more than 10mA from a port can damage it...


no, the led's are right. only blk and wht wire used. blk neg and white pos.

Also you are not clear whether you plugged the positive lead of the LED into the signal pin or power pin of the EZB...