Servo:1 To 180 Doesn't Rotate The Servo To Fullest Rotation


Hey guys, just noticed something with the servo control tab. Using a horizontal servo control tab set with 1 to 180 movement with 90 being zero. When i move the servo to 1 it moves to the far extreme of the servos rotation and stops. When i do the same for 180 it moves and stops at 180. The problem is when i disconnected the servo from the v4 , the servo still has a little bit more movement left. Its like it should be 200 not 180. I noticed it now because i designed a linear actuator for the thumbs up part of the BB-8 build and need it to full extend. how can this be addressed?


That is correct - all servos have a little bit of tolerance on either side. The physical world is not like software. This is neither an issue or requiring assistance.

Removed requiring assistance.