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Ok, now I'm all choked up. *tired*




Day 11: The Switch

The switch is everywhere in robotics. It is behind everything that makes Six the machine she is. She has digital switches, sensor switches, switchable motors, etc. But it is the humble “physical switch” that we have gathered to honor, today.

Six depressed this majestic device for our entertainment and enlightenment. And, this video, shows how it all went down.


Cute. Reminds me of the first Star Trek movie where they had the scenes where they were doing the long and slow fly byes of the starships.


I'm on a plane and it won't buffer to play... Super eager to watch it! Will have to wait until I land in a few more hours.


Oh oh, look what came in the mail. Check out the little logo in the corner. Yeah it's JD. It' all a bit hazy in my memory, but ...

Fear not Six, The Chronicles will continue. No I probably will not be abandoning the six Chronicles.

Perhaps I'm going to have to start this all over again this time calling the thread, "JD Days".
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you have a very good mailbox.fully assembled jd.