Rich's thread make me laugh:

"Useless post, please ignore."
"Useless post, please ignore."

Did the trolling started in another thread ?


He deleted all of his responses to RobotMaker, and yes, there was a great deal of disruption. It was unfortunate, RobotMaker thought he was helping, but his communication skills were horrible, and he was wrong most of the time but thought he was right, so commented on almost every technical thread with bad advice and then was argumentative about it. This thread you can actually read what he is saying in most of the posts. In other places his spelling and grammar was so bad I thought English was not his first language, but then he said "I just don't have the time to spell check and proof-read" (one of those items I covered in the "why people don't take tutorials" thread. His time was more valuable than ours, so we had to suffer through trying to read unintelligible junk. Unlike someone like Nomad who also has horrible grammar and spelling, but English is not his native tongue, so we are happy to put up with him). He was the first member DJ had to ban who wasn't just a spammer.

For quite a while he was "ghosted" where logged on members didn't even see his posts, but in one of hte web page upgrades all of his posts came back, so if I refer someone to a thread he participated in I give a warning to ignore his comments.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but there it is.....



That's video is great! The LED Eyes remind me of a robot from Red Dwarf or Farscape


Day Six: The Ride

Sure, crawling around on six legs is super cool, but who doesn't like a little freewheeling? It wasn't so long ago that we invented the wheel, so let' see how we can adapt it to the trusty old hexapod Six.

I lined up all my favorite motorized wheel-enhanced robots. They will all get a chance to carry Six (the ole girl) around at some point, but today I have decided to focus on a RC body I have had around for some time. I think this was once a tank-like vehicle that could actually climb up walls. Those days are long gone.

I stripped out everything but the two DC motors an on/off switch, and the 9.6 NiCad battery. I added a L289 HBridge controller and voila, ready to go - maybe.

I never really got the direction arrows, using the HBridge control to go the right way. My right and left arrows seem to go forward and backwards, while the up and down arrows make left and right turns. Also the motors are far from precise at slow speeds and require some adjusting to keep Six going on the straight and narrow.

Here's a video of my Mobo-Six in motion.

User-inserted image


Electro-Plastic Steampunk Machine 06, The Ride


Whoa - where did you find those? That's trippy!


Day Seven: Light Stick

Where did those colorful LED displays from Day Six come from? They are sold as "light sticks", and are available at the Dollar Tree. They are pretty cool by themselves and can be powered by the included batteries. However, it's also possible and even more fun to control them with EZB.

This is how I modified mine:

Remove battery screw
Remove batteries
Gently pry apart the case
Remove all the switch parts
Remove circuit board
Slide off diffusing foam material

Desolder battery clips
Make a three conductor cable with female connectors on one end
Solder red wire to +
Solder black wire to ground
Solder signal lead to top conductor of switch contacts
Be careful not to over work the solder connections. The foil on these little boards is mighty thin. A little dab will do it.

Feed wires through original switch opening (You may want to do this before doing the soldering, but I had no trouble feeding all three connectors through the switch opening.)
Snap the case back together

They seem to work fine using 3.3 volts and the PWM control.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Thanks so much for all your videos Peter, I enjoyed reading about and watching your creative builds. I especially loved Six 3a!


Day Eight: Exercise

Six has a new look. I have added some blue eyes, and an oscilloscope to keep track of the her talking. I also put the dome back on, and gave her a blue hat.

This is a video of her exercising with the light sticks.


A fitness bot, now there's an idea.

Health instructor writes script for client's daily schedule and uploads to cloud. Clients robot auto retrieves that script from cloud at a set time, ready for client to exercise. Robot mimics moves to inspire and 'be with' client during work-out.

Haha the video made my day!