The Six Chronicles


Day One: The Box

Hello, my name is Peter. I have been playing with robots for some time now. I have owned a few of the WowWee products, including the original Robosapein. I have had Roombas, Wall-Es, Robbies and many other toys. I like experimenting with Arduino circuits and have done a little with the Raspberry Pi. I owned two of the earlier EZ-Bs v.3, the Bluetooth model. Well, now it’s time I came into the Revolution.

I plan to be using the Revolution Six. I hope to undergo a continual exploration of all the things I can do with this robot. And, of course report back, so that others can critique and offer comments. I expect to make quite a few mistakes, but I hope to share these, so that others can avoid some of them. I have a lot of ideas to explore. Some will be very serious and some will be very whimsical. My style is more toward exploring and experimenting that completing a finished robot. The Revolution Six is already pretty complete. My style is also very lighthearted.

All too often I see family members spent hundreds of dollars on a robot, put it together, move it across the floor and then put it away in the closet until next summer. Luckily, I get a chance to buy them at the lawn sale.

With this series of posts, I hope to continually inspire you to try new things with your robot, even if it's only for the fun of seeing things move or light up.


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Hey @pashley, great to see you back! It's been a while. Enjoy the Six Hexapod! He was my favorite for a long time!


did you check if the v2 not needs to be rewired?they all have bad wire,


Thanks DJ. I have a lot of Activities planned for the Six, but I plan to take them one day at a time, day by day. here is a sneak preview of my work transforming the Six into a "electro-plastic steam punk" sculpture.
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Thanks for the info Nomad 6R.
My Robosapiens are now retired. They have not seen electricity for years.


Day Two: Assembly

When I first opened the box I thought wow! that's a lot of motors. Note to self: create a list of all the best tutorials and references to servo motors and study them.

Learn > Getting Started > Revolution Six > Making Six Move
Learn > Getting Started > Revolution Six > Lever Servo Calibration
Learn > Getting Started > Revolution Six > Introduction to Servo Motors
Learn > Getting Started > Activities > Servo Control
Learn > EZ-Builder Manual > Servo

Oh, and by the way, begin a notebook of references to things that will be handy, when I'm not online.

At first, I wanted to quickly charge the battery and immediately begin plugging things into the ports, but I resisted. As it was, I didn't pay enough attention to the directions and failed to skip a port between every pair of motors going around the body. Moral, take my time and do it by the book the first time. The Six Getting Started Course (Learn, Getting Started, Revolution Six - all the lessons) is very good. I have already done it twice and will probably do it again after I finish this post. By the way go through the EZ-B v4 course too.

One of the motors didn’t look quite right, during assembly, but straightened out after the first power up. Per the instructions, I took a little spin around the Servo Profiles window – just lining legs by sight, not sure what that proved.

Those little black wire harnesses helped prevent excessive visual dizziness.

I thought it would be cool to record my own first-time wake sounds to the soundboard, but of course Windows didn’t recognize my microphone – get back to that on another day. For now, we will use “King Kom”.

Well, it looks like everything went ok, because it's moving. Here is a video.