Servo Synchronization: Servospeed Delay Values


Just curious... What are you using to power your ezb and servos? Most disconnects are caused by power supply problems...


i'm using a power adaptor 7V, 5A. I only have two servos for testing, but the disconnects are frequent event when idle for a few minutes.

I'm not sure ... i think someone near by me must have some crazy wifi routers i

i'll need to find a solution (i have some ideas is the next step)


How many servos? 5amps is barely good enough for an ezb, camera and maybe 1 servo... I suggest a Lipo or Nimh battery or an power supply rated for at least 20amps...

If you pull too many amps from a under rated power supply (moving too many servos at once) the ezb will "brown out".. This is a condition where the voltage drops below 4.5V temporarily staving the ezb of power... It will disconnect and reboot when this happens... This is what may be causing your disconnects...

***edit*** I see you have two servos... You have a poer problem my friend... More specifically lack of... You need a better power supply of switch to using Lipo batteries


I'm not good with pictures... and yes is a Iphone picture (just like Mr cook)

The hardware solution, it can track all the ports (0..23)
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For this experience only one servo, you can see the servo in the picture is a EZ-Servo do you think 5A is short ?

The kids use a EZ/Kit lipo battery.


Power supplies manufacturers never lie, right? I am still going with you don't have enough power dude... Use a 7.4 lipo battery or a larger power supply (20 amp I suggested) ... if the disconnects stop then you have your answer...


i have a 12V 10A, but t i need to get one 7v something because of the servos i don't want more cables.

But i had the idea 5A was enough how much EZB drains ?