Tablet Face


Many robots are built with installed tablets. Often the tablet is in a head. I was wondering if anyone has seen or could build a face that could be displayed on the screen. I have seen this idea around.

It consists of the basic face features eye brows, eyes and a mouth only. These features are able to move to show expression. Has anyone seen this feature or messed with one? Is it possible to build?

Ron R

The idea is like ROMO. I want only the face which could be run by an EZB.

DJ possible?


Hey Andy, i have tought of the exact same thing. I think it would be possible and not hard to add to the interface builder (4 DJ) . We could have a face builder and it could react to variables coming from EZ-Builder ( $sad_face, $happy_face, the soundboard, etc).

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That is what I am talking about. ! I know there are some current robot projects that would have a need. It would also be a fun addition for a Roli or Adventurebot.


Ron R


I smell a plugin.... Smile


We need to convince DJ to help! Tongue


Everyone say Please...



does rafiki have such a face frm david cohran.


Maybe some day..


I've toyed with the idea, but I am not capable of making anything "cute". It kinda sucks that I can't.

But here's the idea...use a flash animation program like Swish or something like that, they're very easy to use and make animations...then export them as videos, like .avi or .mov, then use the ControlCommand() script to bring up the expression/ animation you made on video player, full screen. That should be doable right?


Rafiki does have multiple faces. It will be one of its plugins. They aren't animated but switch based on the condition. The jpg images can be replaced with other faces if someone wants to do this.