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I upgraded my system to Windows 10 and now in the Speech Settings control only female voice sounds are available. Is there a way to get male voice sounds or is this something Microsoft did? Tell me I'm not stuck with the Irritating British female voice.


I had the same prob. so I went for Cepstral french male voice + special effect.


@BHouston, I personally do not have windows 10 however I read somewhere that windows 10 will automatically be installed within seven days on home computers not sure if that's true or not anyway

I have looked quickly on the Internet the only link that looks kind of promising is the one I'll paste below and let me know if it works thanks


uh oh! Windows 10 strikes again. I feel it's going to be pushed upon all of us quite soon - the dreaded "update today" message is increasing frequency Frown


I doubt we will be forced to go to Windows 10 any time soon. More likely they will try to sneak it in as just another update in their list of monthly updates. Most people never even look at the titles of the update packages and either have automatic update turned on or just say ok, do it all when they are notified of an update. I recall that they almost slipped the upgrade to Windows Internet Explorer by me at one update. It was pre-checked and ready to go. I unchecked it but it still kept coming at me every update until I learned how to hide specific update packages.

So look carefully at every 'update' package. At least one may be an 'upgrade.'


So why is the 'British' female voice so iratating! Smile


Because my Inmoov have balls


(Sorry for the thread jacking)

I would recommend everyone who doesn't want windows 10 turn off automatic updates by changing the option to "let me choose what to download and install".


@merne Thanks for the link. I have tried to change things there but it won't let me change out of English (UK).
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@cem, I just don't like to options given - nothing against the British!