"archetype" Finally Complete


@Richard R

I told you about the interchangeability plan a while back...anyway archetype parts will work with any EZ robot...just offering something other than the classic "white" that all commercial robots seem to look like...

The hubless wheel is from a Star Wars episode 2 r/c toy...


Yeah, I had forgotten... Been a seriously busy 2 weeks for me and much less sleep than I am use too. I am supposed to be part time, but the last 2 weeks have been anything but..... Stiil, I love the concept... kinda' of wish inMoov could do it...


@Richard R
I am planning on getting a 3D printer soon...if I can get inmoov joints I can make arm and head designs with my design logic...ill get there soon.

I thought you retired old man! Smile


I thought I retired too... LOL... turns out my robot addiction keeps me working... It's a serious monkey on my back man... can't shake it... LOL
I know you are a sharp guy... so if you don't mind tinkering and tweaking I recommend the Wanhao Duplicator i3... It is just under $400 US and it prints very well and has a decent build area... Like I said though, it's not really plug and play, but I know you can handle the nuances of the printer and get it up and running... It has a great user forum on google groups too... Check out the youtube videos of it as well if you want...


Hey @Doom,

You never stop amazing me with your artistic abilities... I am really impressed with your latest creations. The hubless wheels really make "archetype" 21st century plus!

I fear to see you with a 3D printer... I hope you get one soon..
Thanks for sharing your newest bots and welcome back.



As always you are very kind on the compliments...I do appreciate it.

Using a 3D printer for me is mainly brackets and joints and mechanisms...stuff that need precise measurements. I'm most likely never gonna use it for artwork by itself...but definitely as a supplemental tool.

Oh I'll try to take pics again...they keep coming out sideways lol


This needs a video!


Sorry man I am severely allergic to social media...YouTube included!
videos are coming...I'm getting some help from @thetechguru Alan for this project.


Amazing robot!



Thank you sir!