"archetype" Finally Complete


Looks awesome. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you though. Great job.


Thanks haha!


Parts are everywhere man! For example the head is made out of a plastic egg, toy laser gun handles, an ultrasonic distance sensor ezbit, flashlight parts and a plastic box. Look closely.
I frequent dollar stores a lot , Salvation Army, goodwill, etc. for old toys and interesting parts. Armed with that and a glue gun, top that with silver spray paint it's an industrial mess! Haha

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Thanks @David


@Doombot You sure do make an entrance man... Archetype is now officially my fav of your bots. So dudes like me that have zero creative ability need 3d printers to compensate for lack of design skills. LOL... As usual you still design an build the best looking bots on the forum... Smile


Fantastic looking "BOT" ! Great to see you back.. Your abilities to develop these true robot looking creatures is really great. Their character always comes through.

Thanks for sharing.

Ron R


That's a great looking robot! Awesome eye for details. Yeah thrift stores and dollar stores are a great place to find materials. I am always on the look out for potential robot body parts. Great job. Looking forward to videos!


Geez thank you @Richard R, @ ANDY, @rgordon!
It may look like it, but I don't really just put this stuff together. I spend a lot of time getting things to look like how I want them too...yes personality is very important.

I'm working on this bot's functions now...I must say even a simple distance sensor "radar" function looks so ominous on this bot...it reminds me of a cross between the Ed-208s (from the robocop remake) and Boba fett...


Nice bot Smile

looking forward to seeing him tooling around ...


Archetype has interchangeable limbs/heads/bodies/drivetrain - in the tradition of EZ robot ezbits...so here is not exactly a new robot but a head, a torso, and a drivetrain option called "Cronos"...named after the singer of cult heavy metal act Venom...
As requested by some users I am showing how my process works, step by step building and creatIng sculpture.

Hope you all like it.

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Interchangeable parts? Damn, another great idea dude... and those hub less wheels rock.. Smile